Taking care of your business

Look after your business but still provide for your loved ones and future.

Business Owners

Running your own business and taking care of your personal finances can sometimes feel like a conflict. Our advice is designed to ensure your business is in the best possible shape with a good exit strategy in place but also that your personal assets will comfortably provide for your future.

Case study

Planning for exit

Peter runs a tech business. At age 52 he is starting to consider when and how to exit his business. Peter also holds various pensions and investments and wanted to understand how much wealth he needed to accumulate to live the life he wants to live at the point of retirement.

Drilling down to the details

An important aspect of our work with Peter and his wife was to work out the value of his assets now and how things were likely to look in the future. He also wanted to consider cascading wealth down to his family.

Keeping on track

At our regular planning meetings, we review and update Peter’s progress and plans towards his goal. Our cash flow planning work has helped him to understand when he can exit his business and how much he needs to sell it for so that all his objectives can be met.

"Working with Tracey to understand our investment options has given us a clear picture and spelt out in simple terms what key decisions we need to make to ensure we can both enjoy our retirement. I really appreciate your support and patience and look forward to a long-term relationship".

Balancing the demands of your business and life

Meeting the demands of your business and your own personal circumstances can be a challenge at the best of times. With such a vested interest in the current and future success of your business competing with the needs of school fees, care home funding for your parents and other family requirements, professional financial advice and a clear and effective plan is key to ensuring you identify and meet your goals.

Bringing everything together

Our Chartered and Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM status ensures that you get the best possible advice about the different elements to your financial circumstances. We can assist with your pension provision, your exit strategy, your tax and estate planning and the best investment strategy for you. If you need us to, we can recommend other professional advisors or work alongside your existing team.

Essential tools to keep you on track

Our cash flow planning service is particularly effective in helping to identify areas of possible savings and what your future will look like. Combined with a full of audit of all your assets, we can then help you identify what needs to be done and how, in order for you to enjoy the lifestyle you envisage.

Getting clear on your future

When you’ve put so much energy into the success of your business, identifying a clear picture of what you want your future to look like isn’t always easy. Life planning is something fairly unique in our industry but it’s an important part of what we do, helping you to get clear on what matters to you and what will make you fulfilled as you approach the next stage of your life. Many clients describe it as life changing.

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