Helping you through a difficult time

Make sure you’re secure and start planning the next phase of your life with confidence.

Divorce and Bereavement

The pain and stress of divorce or bereavement is one of the hardest challenges you’re likely to face. We can’t make that easier, but we can make sure you understand your finances and that you have the assets you need to live the next phase of your life with confidence.

Case study Emma Sutherland

A very difficult time

Emma was recommended to us by her Solicitor when she found herself going through her divorce. It was important for Emma to establish if she would be in a position post-divorce to financially live a comfortable life. She was also keen to understand if the financial settlement she was being offered was fair. Emma had never needed to be in direct control of a sizeable investment and needed someone to help her through the process.

A little understanding goes a long way

We reviewed the pension sharing order and liaised with Emma’s Solicitor to ensure that all aspects had been considered. We explained the whole process to Emma. We carried out extensive cash flow planning to demonstrate that she would be financially secure over the long term. We were able to put her mind at rest and enabled her to feel happier that a brighter future was in reach.

Looking forward to life again

Emma is now divorced. Since Emma has been working with us, we have modelled over the last few years many different scenarios using our cash flow planning tools to help her make plans for her future.

"Tracey always emailed me straight back at a very stressful time when my anxiety was high and my understanding and control of finances was very low. She was perceptive, caring and very quick to assess what I needed short and long time. From initially being financially illiterate, Tracey and her team consistently still ensure that I am aware, knowledgeable and involved in every decision made about my investments."

Someone who understands and takes the time to explain

If you’ve never had to manage the family finances, suddenly finding yourself in control, whether that’s as a result of divorce or bereavement, can be frightening and confusing. You want someone who you can trust, who won’t patronise you but will take the time to explain how your money and investments work in plain and simple language. There’s also every chance you may also be extremely anxious about whether you’re going to have enough money and what’s going to happen to your family home.

Supportive, constructive advice and assistance

You’ll find us down to earth and supportive. Tracey is experienced in working within the field of divorce and bereavement. That means we can work closely with your solicitor to help negotiate a fair settlement and assess any current offers to see if they stack up financially. We can also help you understand your financial position post-divorce.

Helping you face the future

Our ongoing service ensures that we’ll always be there to assist you in future years. You’ll find our cash flowing service particularly helpful as it’s very visual and shows you how much income you have, where you could make savings and how much you’ll have in the future. And you’ll find our life planning service helps you identify a future you can look forward to with optimism and confidence.

Planning for happier times

We can also factor in all sorts of events into your financial plan to show you that even if something unexpected happens, you’ll be ok. As you gradually get to grips with your new circumstances we can help with other issues like helping out financially with your grandchildren or children or leaving a legacy.

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