Create a financial strategy that meets all your goals

Dovetail your personal and professional finances to meet your current and future needs.

Executives and Professionals

Success often brings complications as you try to organise your professional and personal finances. We ensure you’re tax efficient, and then help you structure your assets so that you can enjoy them in a way that meets both your current and future needs.

Case study Kevin Harwood

Getting some clarity

Prior to retirement, Kevin had left corporate life and setup up a consultancy business to transition from full time employment to retirement. In planning for his retirement, Kevin had accumulated various pensions and investments and was looking to simplify his financial landscape. He needed to consider the most tax efficient route for his pensions and how to draw down an income for retirement, within the next year or two.

Identify a clear plan

We carried out an analysis of all his plans and identified that Kevin faced a lifetime allowance tax issue. To help manage his investment and pension portfolio we decided on a consolidation approach and considered a suitable withdrawal strategy to help him mitigate his potential lifetime allowance tax charge, whilst being mindful of a tax efficient drawdown strategy that included both his pension and investment portfolio.

On track in retirement

Kevin has now retired and is able to enjoy life to the full, travelling the world and pursuing his passion for photography and wildlife.

“Having been a self-investor approaching a financial advisor was a major step and following my research Juno seemed to specialise in the areas I was looking for. From our initial call it was clear that Tracey was someone who was interested in helping and addressing my needs. This trust and confidence has built over time and I wish I had contacted Tracey much earlier. Tracey also has a great team working with her that reflect Juno’s approach to looking after you as a client.”

Understanding and achieving your goals

Your personal and professional lives are intertwined which means you need a financial strategy that works for all aspects of your life. That’s likely to involve a number of disciplines from tax and estate planning to investment strategies and of course pensions and retirement plans.

Meeting life’s challenges

Meeting your present financial needs such as school or university fees, your mortgage and all life’s other unexpected expenses, can be a challenge. At the same time, you need to be saving for and planning your future, whether that’s working out when you want to retire or whether you’ll have enough money to live the life that you want.

The highest standards of advice

Our Chartered and Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM status ensures you receive the highest possible quality of financial advice which we combine with life planning. Life planning may not be something you’ve come across before but is a fundamental part of what we do and why we’re different.

It means that helping you identify what is important to you personally now and in the future, is the first step of your journey with us. Then we help you bring together all the different aspects of your finances and take away the pain of managing your money.

Keeping it simple

Our cash flow financial planning tools play an important role in helping you manage your finances, particularly in times of stretch. Our investment approach is straightforward and sound.

If you already have other professionals you work with or need to access a particular expert, we can recommend someone from our trusted network and work as part of your team. All communications will be short, sharp and to the point because we know that you’re busy.

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