Investment market news is noisy

Posted on Apr 3, 2017

Turn down the noise

Investment market news is noisy. Every day, thousands of articles, blogs, broadcasts, podcasts and webcasts are published, shouting for your attention. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if you do not listen to noisy investment market news carefully and sift out the best ideas—the one’s that could help you find the highest returns—then you will not achieve your investment goals.

Actually, we find the opposite is true: Trying to keep up with the latest investment fads can be detrimental to your long-term performance rather than beneficial to it. The noise can drown out the signal.

So what is the alternative?

We believe that it starts with having a strong investment philosophy that, over a long period of time, will prove to be rewarding for our clients. Our investment philosophy is based around some of the most enduring ideas in finance; ideas that help us achieve your financial goals by harnessing the power of capital markets in a systematic way. At the core, these fundamental concepts have remained the same for decades, but as research evolves into how markets work, our understanding improves and we develop our approach accordingly.

Added to this, we use investment managers that really take care over the details of implementation of the ideas. They understand that investment returns are precious and easy to lose in day-to-day management. They know it does not make sense to pay 5% in fees and costs to go after a 4% return.

This combination of a robust, enduring investment philosophy and a steady, disciplined application has helped us provide our clients with a way to turn down the noise made by relentless investment market news.

Original Source for this article – Dimensional Fund Advisers

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