Juno Wealth has joined the ground-breaking Progeny

Posted on Mar 12, 2019

We’re delighted to bring you the news that Juno Wealth Management has joined forces with the Progeny Group, the ground-breaking provider of a unique combination of financial planning, wealth management and legal advice.

Regular readers of our Journal already know that the driving force behind Juno Wealth from the very start has been our determination to deliver an outstanding service to all of our clients. We’ve always wanted to go above and beyond both in terms of the advice and services we deliver and how we deliver them.

This is an exciting move for us and our clients. As part of Progeny, we will continue to care for our clients in the same way as we do now but we will now offer a broader range of services, including private and corporate legal services.

There are many similarities between Juno and Progeny, so it’s a perfect fit. Primarily we share a client-first approach. We have long admired Progeny as the first multi-service professional platform aligned with the goals of their clients. This is something that we see as the future of our service and working together will unite the talents of both businesses. And, it will make our team much stronger and resilient.

There will be no change in the valuable relationship our clients have with the Juno team. All our clients are in good hands and we will continue to serve them now and in the years ahead. While there will be some internal changes as we integrate with the Progeny team, Juno Wealth will remain as a brand and a separate company in the short term.

 About Progeny Group

Progeny Group provides wealth management and legal advice for private clients, corporates, charities and family offices. We are the first multiservice professional platform designed to match client goals with those of the professionals advising them. We were established for tomorrow’s wealth: we offer pragmatic, reliable advice to protect and grow wealth over generations.

Based in London, Leeds and Salisbury, we comprise more than 25 investment professionals and more than 20 lawyers.  Learn more at: www.theprogenygroup.com.

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