Make the most of your pension options

Be confident that your pension choices will provide the life that you want.


Pensions are a changing landscape and there are more options available to you now than ever before. Your plans and hopes for retirement are inextricably linked to your pension provision and it’s never been more important to think carefully about how and when to drawdown on your pension fund.

Your pension options explained

New retirement options introduced in 2015 makes pension drawdown seem an attractive option for many but it is a complex area. We’ll explain the differences between income drawdown, taking a tax free lump sum and guaranteed income solutions. We’ll carefully go through the pros and cons of each option and how those differences will affect you.

Some of the options you may need to consider are:

Factors we’ll discuss with you include how much control you want over your pension fund and to what extent you require future growth, death benefits, annuity rates, the amount of flexibility you require, the size of your fund and your own unique circumstances. We also identify lifetime allowance and annual allowance issues that may impact your pension drawdown strategy.

We’ll also make sure you understand all and any risks and costs involved. If drawdown is the right option for you, we’ll make sure we keep your fund under regular review as part of our ongoing commitment to you.

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