Explore and identify your ambitions and hopes for the future

A rare chance to plan a truly fulfilling life knowing that your finances will help you achieve it.

Life Planning

How often do you get the chance to sit down and plan what you really want out of life? In fact, with such busy lives it can be very difficult to know and identify what you want from the next phase of your life and what will make you feel fulfilled.

Life planning is a relatively new concept in the financial advice world but it’s a critical part of what we do at Juno Wealth. Tracey is one of just 60 people in the UK to be granted the prestigious accreditation of a Registered Life Planner and our life planning service is often described as life changing.

Putting your unique situation first.

Before we discuss your finances, we’ll ask you a number of questions designed to discover your essential life goals and deep held aspirations. Money plays an emotive part in our lives and part of our work also involves getting to the root of your learned responses and emotions around money.

Only when we have fully explored your life’s ambitions and what you really want from your future, will we start to formulate a financial plan that will support those goals. We’ll then advise and agree your plan looking at budgets, cash flow and an achievable investment strategy.

Life planning combined with financial planning is a strategic and powerful process which leads to a richer, fuller life both financially and spiritually, and a greater sense of confidence in your future.

Life Planning process

The Juno Wealth Management Lifestyle Planning experience is underpinned by EVOKE®, the 5-phase life planning process from the internationally renowned and accredited Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

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