Stay on track and leave nothing to chance

Continued support through the changing years to make sure you achieve your goals.

Regular Reviews

Planning and providing for your financial security is an ongoing process. Your circumstances or your ambitions and goals may change over the years and if they do, you may need to adjust your financial plan accordingly. We’ll continue to support you during that journey and an important part of that process is our regular reviews.

Your annual review

At our review meetings, we’ll look at both the financial and the personal aspects of your plan. We’ll review your personal plans and ambitions and reassess your attitude to investing. We’ll review your investments and their performance to ensure that they remain suitable for your purposes and we’ll provide valuations. We’ll also discuss and advise you about developments in economic conditions, legislation, taxation, new ideas and financial products. It’s this comprehensive approach that ensures that you stay on track. To guide us through our meeting we carry out our 10 Point Financial Health Check.

We keep in touch

We normally aim to meet you once a year and where appropriate, we’ll make recommendations to make sure your plans stay in line with your changing situation. If you want to meet more or less frequently we can arrange that and we’ll be monitoring your investments all the time behind the scenes.

In between these regular face-to-face meetings, you can always contact us to discuss your financial developments and concerns. We also make sure that we keep our communications with you clear and easy to understand.

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